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something is. Thanks for explanation. All..


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  1. i dont know how to do anything with winamp3 because it uses so much memory that it takes an hour to load hardwaldtomimacamtipernicuposla.coinfo i am stickin with winamp whatever because its easy to use, takes up like no memory, and i add a cool 3d-sound plugin and it sounds great. ummm look in the faq or readme in winamp3's program folder. thats the best advice i can give to ya. and about that .
  2. I finally registered (playlist) [views][posts] _____ [Jun 4, am - Ninkaszi ""]So lets make a playlist! YAY Celtic Frost "Into The Pandemonium".
  3. Return to the Pit: Metal and Hardcore concert photos, community, news, concerts, radio show.
  4. avfaudioleague&friends - number1stun_avf7 - nahc (north american harcore) mecha - mecha - nahc (north american harcore) bastard by rape - eviscerated - trash metal nahc (north american harcore).

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